Look to the sky
(written by O. Burkard, text: 05.08.2003, music: 01.03.2002)

  1. I look to your body
    I look to your face
    I see you stand here at this place
    I think the time is right ,now.
    To be with you ,
    and to say that I love you .

  2. This is the moment
    no longer wait
    I want the prize for all I've paid
    Come take your hands
    Hold on tight
    Your fortune would be right
It's your life you have to steer now to the right way.
The things you do, and words you say now
won't be wrong today

Look to the sky - and feel your heart inside
Look to the sky - make your aims tight
Look to the sky - It will show you the way
Look to the sky ...Look to the sky ...Look to the sky
Look to the sky

  1. Things could be good,
    things could be bad,
    things could be change the first will be the last.
    The play is not over,
    you're inside the game,
    step on the way between pride and shame.

  2. Your imagination,
    you may not resign,
    as well the highest mountain you have to climb.
    So far so good,
    I told you the story,
    go through the hall and open the door.


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